We have the equipment it takes to get the job done well


Think of it as a floating studio complete with everything needed to work on the water.



Custom built for speed and maneuverability.


Our shooting boat is the best in the industry. The 27’ long custom Premier PTX triple tube pontoon boat is extra wide (10’) to handle photo and video crews simultaneously. Powered up to make speed and maneuvering quick and easy. we can get into the right position for every shot.


  • 27’ long, 10’ wide (custom width) for extra room and stability.
  • Powered by twin 300 Evinrude E-Tecs with 600 hp for speeds up to 60 mph. Can easily keep up with the subject boat even with a full crew onboard.
  • Optimus 360 steering system for full 360 degree spins and pushing the boat side to side.  Unlike any other shooting boat on the water.
  • Custom, retractable 8’ shooting tower for added height. Easy 5 minute setup.
  • Front, rear, port and starboard gate access for low level shooting. Access all around.
  • Modular front deck to accommodate video crane or jib.  Or added seating for crew and models.  Customized to fit your needs
  • Space for crew, comfort for the client. Changing room and bathroom on board. Coolers and storage to accommodate full crew services.
  • Sea Legs for ultimate stability while lifting the boat out of the water.


On the go with moho.


450+ square feet of client comfort and amenities. Who says you have to rough it in the woods?
A full editing suite to specialized wardrobe, hair and makeup stations, our motorhome is equipped with all the amenities to keep clients, crew and talent comfortable and productive while on the go.


  • Client lounge.
  • Editing suite with 32″ monitor.
  • Printer/copier, office supplies, desk area.
  • Full kitchen with Keurig coffee maker.
  • Folding tables and chairs.
  • Internal and external monitors.
  • Hair and makeup stations.
  • Large, private talent changing room and wardrobe area.
  • Stylist-ready wardrobe area includes professional steamer, iron and plenty of space.
  • 17′ awning
  • 10′ x 10′ pop-up tent.
  • 5500 Watt generator.



Fully stocked. Everything you need, and more!


Over the years we have collected a well-rounded selection of props for shooting on-the-water and on location.
Nearly anything you need is in there and it always travels with us.

“On any shoot we use maybe 10-20% of what we have.
There’s usually a backup, and there’s always the security of just having this stuff with us.”


  • Life jackets (100) – all sizes, colors, styles, children and adult vests (new every year).
  • Wardrobe for boating, fishing, and water sports.
  • Water sports gear – Waterskis, Wakeboards, Wakesakte, Wakesurf, kid’s skis
  • Fishing rods (40) – Freshwater, Saltwater, all sizes species and colors with reels and tackle
  • Tackle boxes (15) – Variety of sizes and colors.
  • Tools – a variety of standard and unique tools.
  • Coolers (5) – Yetti and Coleman variety of sizes and colors.
  • Tools – a variety of standard and unique tools.
  • Hundreds of pairs of sunglasses.
  • Tools – a variety of standard and unique tools.
  • Prop drinks and wine bottles.
  • Tools – a variety of standard and unique tools.
  • Hair ties and accessories.
  • Tools – a variety of standard and unique tools.
  • Cleaning supplies.
  • Tools – a variety of standard and unique tools.
  • First Aid kit.


We help you get perspective.

From drone to helicopter, we have access to high performance aerial equipment and pilots. All of our operators are certified.
Let us help you scope and secure the correct equipment for your next job.


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